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eSwapp is a platform powered by Machine Learning for colleagues to learn and share skills in the workplace

Why eSwapp?

Your Team

Know What Skills
Are in Demand

Knowledge Sharing

Empower Your Team

We’re here to help you empower your team to share their knowledge and talent within the business, to utilise those soft and technical skills already invested in.

Know What Skills Are in Demand

Our Machine Learning algorithms can inform you what skills are in demand within your organization, and predict future trends for skills, so that you’ll be one step ahead in your training and recruitment effort.

One-on-One Knowledge Sharing

Your Finance Officer might be a subdued spreadsheet ninja, but learning the art of public speaking can help her pitch an improved process. In turn, the outgoing Business Development chap might have learned a fast way to organise his contacts. Filters and everything. 

The incredible thing about colleagues… No two are the same. And there’s so much room to grow. 

(And your team members get to interact with each other beyond the Christmas do!)

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